• Bachelor

    Cool. Confident. Contemporary.

    Fresh and sensuous tones that exude the air of distinction and sophistication. This signature scent matches the extraordinary facets that make a man unique. A badge of success for the modern men.

  • Mesmerize

    Elegance. Sophistication.

    Oriental Vanilla Musk, a perfect concoction for gorgeous women. Combination of classic and modern scent with hints of lush vanilla and caramel mingled with citrus and bouquet.

  • Majestic

    Impressive. Fabulous.

    A full blast of citrusy flowery and woody scent reminds of an absolute childhood summer with the sparkling sun.

  • Executive

    Dominance. Ardent.

    Peppery aromatic tinged with hints of lavender and geranium, manly fragrance on a touch of green leaving you with a fresh spicy scent all day.

  • FAME

    Elegance. Sophistication.

    This fragrance was whipped to present a new face for men highlighted with a modern, casual, aquatic and woody composition. Blended with elements of lavender and plum. From strong and warm feeling to nerve-calming aromas.


    Fiery. Erotic.

    This scent celebrates the energy and physical endurance of young active men. An embodiment of extravagance.


    Rich. Fiery.

    Masculine scent for sexy men, including waves of warm spicy notes mingled with lime and tangerine for that fresh from the bath feeling.


    Revitalizing. Rich.

    Fresh, energetic and masculine scent for men of competitive spirit. A fragrance that interprets the exotic aquatic paradise filled with tropical corals.


    Icy. Dashing. Confident.

    Inspired by winter sports and snowy mountain peaks, Intense transports you to another dimension with its composition of fresh, luminous and icy notes.


    Fresh. Dynamic. Energetic.

    The patented time-release technology in this unique scent results in the gradual release of fresh, energetic top notes of tangerine, bergamot, tomato leaves and cassis plus a woody base notes of patchouli and sandalwood. Body is “reanimated” as scent rubs onto skin.


    Charistmatic. Bold. Sleek.

    A state-of-the-art collection of fitness essentials created for today’s active and health-conscious men.


    Wealth. Luxury. Power.

    Obviously, this fragrance represents power and durability – a result of not one but unique intermingling of essences.


    Superior. Vigorous. Mild.

    Warm aroma of sandalwood and amber with traces of cedar and pink pepper that is undeniably perfect for the adventurous and exceptional young men.


    Casual. Stylish.

    Glamorous men are defined by this vibrant signature scent. From fresh to musky, with faint hint of citrus and flowers.


    Calm. Spicy. Sweet.

    Spices and woody floral musk embody the ruggedly handsome men with the air of enthusiasm and poise.


    Authentic. Neat. Gentle.

    Subtle yet striking and masculine. The best scent for a true gentleman. Infused with authentic aromas that evoke tenderness, strength and tradition.


    Arrogant. Exquisite.

    Perfect for the Black Phantom type of men, this woody aromatic scent contains lush citrus and warm base notes. Oozing with enigmatic personality. Full of warmth and power.


    Sporty. Hot. Fervent.

    Wear this fresh, sharp, simple and masculine scent casually and for a night on town. A new approach to how men should smell perpetually: Fresh and invigorating.


    Trendy. Spontaneous.

    Feel the brilliance of spring air and a burst of sharp fruity top tone, down to fresh woody base note. Affection aftermath guaranteed.


    Floral. Feminine.

    Alluring comes in shades of purple with floral and woody notes. Exude femininity with the scent of pink grapefruit combined with Iris and Bulgarian Rose. The base notes are heliotrope and woody notes.


    A Feast For The Senses.

    A beautifully lethal mix of fruits and flowers all in one bottle. It’s dazzling and tutti fruity.


    Delightful. Hip.

    A whiff of intermingling scent of flowers and wild berries guaranteed to make every woman a headturner.


    Delicate. Sultry.

    Desirability is the mantra of all women. Indulge in this luxurious blend of fruity and floral aromas with musky and powdery base note.


    Dainty. Stunning.

    The best scent for summer. Wear this light fragrance whose claim to fame is its musky base note that compliments and complements the classic floral accent.


    Playful. Enchanting.

    Lovers of cherry aroma, this is your ultimate indulgence. Inspired by French landscapes, this stimulates the imagination with its sweet, sexy blend of sour cherry with marshamallow accords and woody character.


    Timeless. Romantic.

    Its fresh aquatic scent with woody accords and notes of light flowers will embrace the wearer with casual elegance. Inspired by racing love and intimacy to reflect endless romance and luxury.


    Blissful. Vivacious.

    The tingling sensation of a perfect summer air is captured by the spontaneous and refreshing fragrance of fruity and floral aromas.


    Glamorous. Luscious. Classy.

    A generous combo of peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine. A simple yet perfect scent for your enjoyment.


    Cool. Crisp. Charming.

    A calm scent with aquatic top notes reminiscent of the soothing summer breeze, fruits and woods. Combined with citrus, honeydew melon, quince, pineapple, lotus and lily.


    Zesty. Fancy. Sumptuous.

    A fusion of sundry garland of spring flowers and tropical fruits for the bubbly and charming women.


    Sexy. Pure. Hypnotizing.

    A deluxe treat for candy-sweet women with its aquatic shades and fruity hints.


    Indulging. Lush. Simple.

    A fruity fragrance that reveals the inner beauty: dazzling and naked without the bling. A scintillating scent of confidence.


    Free-spirited. Refreshing. Unique.

    So Sexy celebrates individuality with refreshing spirit as it combines the scent of apple with the sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods.


    Timeless. Charming. Elite.

    From the super sexy to endless luxury to sweet sensuality, this classic bursts of aromas embody the feminine side of women.