ZOOM International Co., a major player in the multibillion scents industry, is a Filipino-owned company established on April 8, 2013. The company is engaged in the manufacturing, direct selling and networking of high quality perfumes.

Ensuring the world-class quality of its scents, the oil-based perfumes are created skilfully and precisely by experts. More importantly, the contents of each scent chosen were ordered from France, the perfume capital of the world. the growing demands of the ever growing market.

Pursuing Excellence

ZOOM International Co. steadfastly upholds its vision of creating and nurturing a massive network of entrepreneurs who are trained to become globally competitive as outstanding leaders and brilliant businessmen.

To maintain leadership in the market, the company continues to improve its products and services to match the growing demands of the ever growing market.


Cultivates young Filipino entrepreneurs become good leaders through continuous training and seminars. Sets high company standards to maximize the potential of our distributors.

Nurtures a vast group of globally professional entrepreneurs by providing economic growth.


Zoom international aims to provide the young Filipino entrepreneurs a low capital but competitive livelihood program through its affordable quality products and its system of marketing that could proudly compete with the existing market globally.

Message from the CEO


On behalf of Zoom International Co., I would like to welcome you to our family. In life, there are many paths that you can travel to. And it is vital that you make a very intelligent decision to which ride you will take. We are elated that along the way, you have made the right decision of choosing us to be your business partner.

As they say, successful people are always seeking for opportunities to help others. While the unsuccessful ones are always asking what’s in it only for them. Our company is specifically built to open opportunities to those who are open-minded and full-hearted dreamers. We want to shape our distributors to be successful and help others as well.

You should understand that it is not an easy path at all. You won’t expect to become a millionaire in just a blink of an eye. There will be many obstacles along the way. Molding people to be independent money-makers, the company only wants the best for those who are willing and motivated enough for the reason that not everyone is fit for this task. And so we are grateful to have you with us.

Commitment is a big part of what I am and what I believe. And I want to pass this message to everyone brave enough for the challenge. Again, welcome and happy networking.

Message from the COO


Time flies so fast. It’s been a year since our company started to build a name in the business world. Though we have been through a lot of trials and it seems 10 years had passed, we are delighted to know that you chose to give your faith and trust to us. We will make sure to provide you only high quality products that would satisfy our customers.

As we all know, the raw materials used for our end-products came from France, the centre of European design and trade. The fragrances that the company promotes were carefully selected by the executives themselves. These lustful aroma were playfully created and mixed by an expert and skilled chemist exclusive only to ZOOM International. Our bottles, on the other hand, are of high class so are clients would be assured not only of its attractive appearance but of its durability as well.

At present, ZOOM International offers 30 different scents compared to 10 original scents that the company launched at the beginning. Our operations are continuous and organized in a manner that it can reach every corner of the country.

Expansion and growth is a goal and a journey as well that we would like to share to our distributors. As your partner in business, the company guarantees you that more progress and enhancements will be implemented to continuously catch up with the current trends.

So stay with us and be updated at all times of our latest events and more opportunities to be offered. Welcome and experience life with ZOOM International Family.